Kan Triangle Paper Bag

Cool and Creative Printed Paper Bags

Paper bags may not sound exciting, but with all the branding possibilities, you might be surprised.

When most people think of paper bags, they are probably of the sort of bag that holds your takeaway and leaks into the passenger seat on your way home. But that’s not the only type of paper bag there is!

If a heavy artboard (195gsm like our standard luxury bag) is used, they can be strong, durable and great looking. A high grade paper can also take a high quality print and a variety of extra finishes from laminates to hot foils. Add some PP rope handles or cotton ribbons and you have a great quality, amazing looking bag.

Even if you need something a little out of the ordinary, paper has got you covered there too. Because it’s easy to work with, customising the size and shape of your bag, or even creating completely new styles just takes a little imagination. Our expert manufacturing partners are on the case. From prototyping to full production runs, they can help turn your ideas into reality.

Whether you are using them as a retail bag, to hold giveaway items or anything else you can think of, the finish and options available will help cement a high-end status for your client’s brand.

Take a look at some more luxury paper bag options at Kan-do-it.com.

Reversible Pepper Bag

Our custom cotton tote bags can be so much more than standard!

Just because shopping bags are seen every time you go to the supermarket doesn’t mean they have to just fade into the background. Take this stunning custom cotton bag for example!

As with so many things, it starts with a great idea. Sir John Soame’s Museum London is well know for having a wonderful eclectic collection of items and artwork. The artwork is a simple drawing of the outside of the building and a sketch of some of the collection inside. The great idea comes when you print them both on the same bag.

The lining is a made from the same material as the outside of the bag, so it’s just as hard wearing and can be printed with exactly the same amount of detail. Both the inside and outside of the bag are printed, then cut and sewn together. That means that the design can be truly full coverage, right up to the seams. It also means that this custom cotton bag is really two in one. That’s because it is completely reversible. There really is no difference between inside and outside, except for the print.

And what a great print it is too! It may be a simple line drawing, printed in 3 colours on the outside and 2 on the inside, but the bold colours, and all that wonderful detail, really make an impact. Of course it helps if you have a subject as great as this museum to work with!

Take a look at some of the other things you can do with a custom cotton bag at Kan-do-it.com.

Meet the Kan Team - Craig

What’s your story, how did you get to Kan?

Originally from South Africa I moved over to the UK about 7 years ago searching for greener pastures and can safely say I was successful!

My previous roles vary: Area sales manager, sales representative, recruitment, warehouse manager, hospitality. All these roles require people skills, problem solving and negotiation skills which comes in handy working as an account manager in the promo world!

What is your role?

Over the past 5 years at Kan I have grown within the company, taking up different challenges. my current role is account manager and I am also responsible for visiting and keeping in touch with our key clients. With a great base of clients my aim is to get the right product, within the lead time required. This is often a challenge with the always “urgent” email world we live in!

My area of expertise would be the various bag options, lanyards and USBs. That said, working on all kinds of projects requires a good understanding of most promotional products, so I would say I have a good understanding across the board and can offer good advice and solutions to all enquiries.

What is your favourite Kan product?

I would say a good blue tooth speaker or something techy!

The Chimpanzee 02 usb looks amazing when printed full colour, it’s a great way to get your logo out to the client with such a large print area.

Our luxury bags are top end laminates for the high street. There are so many options that you can always make them a great fit for any project. A great quality product for any brand!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to think that I’m a sociable guy who enjoys spending time with friends and if the weather is right I’ll make the most of it while it lasts! My colleagues at work would describe me as : Supportive, caring , helpful , jocular, considerate, charismatic 🙂 , prankster and funny.

Meet the rest of our team at Kan-do-it.com

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