Branded gift bags are a versatile marketing tool. With a high quality finish and lots of special print effects available, they are sure to improve your brand image.

Here at Kan we think that our promotional gift bags can be used for almost any purpose, so here are a few of our favourite suggestions!

Take a look at the luxury bag range on our web site to see the range of options, then get in touch with us for a quote.

Wine gift bags

Branded wine gift bags

One of our favourites! A gift that you can drink nearly always goes well. Whether it’s a fine wine to go with dinner on a special occasion, a nice bottle of bubbly for a celebration or spirits for relaxing the evening away, there are lots of choices, and most of them are good!

Trade show gift bags

Trade show branded gift bags

Trade shows and events are the ideal place to get your message out to your customers. That can involve brochures, leaflets and more. Putting it all into a branded trade show bag helps to reinforce the care and attention to detail that every company would like to be known for!

Welcome pack bags

Welcome pack branded gift bags

Whether it’s starting a new training course, freshers week at University, a client arriving at a boutique hotel, or a tenant moving into a new building, welcome packs are always better in a luxurious bag! Nothing makes a first impression like handing over a well organised pack of all the necessary paperwork, forms, instructions and whatever else might be needed.

You could also add some special extras to make your welcome packs even more memorable. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • For a spa hotel, how about adding a robe to the pack?
  • For a university, why not a lanyard with ID card?
  • For a training course, pens and notebooks would be ideal!
  • For new tenants, a custom key ring could be perfect.

Branded fashion bags

Fashion branded gift bags

Fashion is all about image, and the bag that you take your purchases home in is definitely part of that image.

It’s no good selling the trendiest shoes in town and then putting them in a thin, crinkly plastic bag! Your packaging needs to suit the story of your brand, so use all the right options to be sure you get just the right look.

Promotional giveaway bags

Promotional giveaway gift bags

Have a new range and want to give your potential customers a trial run? A promotional gift bag could be ideal.

It doesn’t matter what it is that you are giving out either. Cosmetics testers, sweets, stationery, maybe even tools! Not only does a branded goodie bag keep all your items together without them getting lost or ignored, but your client’s brand is given top billing!

Restaurant takeaway bags

Branded restaurant takeaway bags

Grabbing a bite to eat and taking it home with you is a popular hobby all over the world. And now you can take all kinds of food home, not just burgers and pizzas!

All of which means you really need to get some branding on your takeaway bags. Otherwise how will people know where that delicious smelling meal came from?

And lots more besides!

Branded gift bags can be used for almost anything, what we’ve shown you is just a small glimpse of the possibilities.

Here at Kan we can help you navigate all these options (and more) and ensure you get just the right look for your client. Just tell our branding experts what you need and they will get everything organised for you, including making sure the price is right!

Kan Branded Gift Bags