Fabric Bags the crafty way!

We have all gone a bit sentimental and Christmassy in the Kan office! Our very own Homemade Queen, Polly, has been busy making stamps and creating family Christmas presents from our branded cotton tote bags with her kids. So simple but effective – and fun!

Polly used old wine corks (well it is Christmas!) to cut print shapes from. Then it just a case of putting some simple acrylic paints on the end to stamp out the designs and letting the kids do their thing. You can of course try to direct them, but that depends on the kids!

This strikes us as a great way to make something lovely, and homemade, as gifts. It doesn’t always have to be corporate.

It also shows the flexibility of our simple natural cotton shoppers. You can use everything from a simple spot colour, to a CMYK transfer. Kan can also print all over the bags with a Pantone screen print – giving you the right corporate colours on a beautifully bespoke bag that stands out from the crowd.

The possibilities are endless, for versatile cotton tote bags that can be used time and again, and then recycled!

Everyone at Kan wishes you a very Merry Christmas. And we hope that you get some equally special gifts from your friends and family too.

See you in 2019!