Meet the Team - Karen

What’s your story, how did you get to Kan?

Many years ago, (about 11 now nearly!) I joined Kan. I arrived in an office full of smiling faces, all of whom were willing to show me that a bag is NOT just a bag, as I discovered during my training.

Some days, you could find my colleagues beating their heads against a wall, repeating: “NO! Not all bags are the same!!” In case you can’t tell, promotional goods and bags were a whole new world to me!

I had been in sales for a while before I came to KAN. I was previously in the world of telesales and selling cables. Yes, there is more than one type of cable too! And please be nice to the people in the bank next time you call. Its not their fault, honest its not!

What is your role?

You will find me in the customer service department, which means I try to look after anyone who doesn’t yet know what Kan are amazing at!

I deal with our core products range. They are the products for which we offer the most competitive prices, and we can turn them around in quick lead times.

What is your favourite Kan product?

My favourite core item has to be our luxury paper bags! You can design them to your requirements, print inside and out, foil emboss or deboss and lots more too. They look amazing with some of our extra options. There’s a lot more to them than a one colour print!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I have turned into a bit of a gym bunny, although I don’t look like one yet, it’s a work in progress! I also like to spend time with my grandson and I am quite fond of my daughter too!

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