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Not long now until the summer holidays are done and everyone is heading back to school, college and university. But here at Kan we won’t be too disappointed, because that return is an opportunity to make some great promotional products for students. In fact, it’s quite hard to even think of all the possibilities, but we will still give it a go!

With new and returning students getting ready for a new school year, and of course freshers week, they will need identity cards, timetables, prospectuses, brochures, info packs and course materials. And every one of those items will have to be carried safely around, from the moment they are handed to their new owners, right up until they find their way to their new home. Let’s take a closer look at how we at Kan can help with some of these items.

Promotional Products for Students

Back to School Branded USB Sticks

Back to school promotional products for students - USBs

A Tigstick USB stick is the perfect way to transport around lots of information. Campus maps, prospectuses, introductory videos and maybe even a few hundred text books! They really can be worth their weight in gold (especially true as USBs don’t weigh very much!) You can be sure that almost everyone in a higher education setting will have access to a laptop, and for those that only have a tablet? Well our latest USB styles come complete with a micro USB plug for connecting directly to mobile devices. You could even make your USB extra practical by using a pen style. There are no excuses for not taking notes now!

Of course we are all about the branding, and there are lots of options there too! How about different colours for different year groups? Or maybe different subjects? We can supply splash-proof USBs for marine studies and business card USBs for management courses. And all of that is before we even think about putting a logo on there. CMYK printing for beautifully detailed crests. Sharp-edged, colour correct, spot colour printing for the most modern of corporate identities. And of course, laser engraving to give a quality finish to any metal bodied USB.

Back to School Lanyards

Back to school promotional products for students - Lanyards

Identity cards are a vital part of running large institutions like schools, colleges and universities. And they aren’t nearly as much use stored in a pocket as they are out on display at the end of a lanyard. But not just any lanyard of course, it has to be tailored to fit in perfectly.

First you have to choose on a colour. One of our stock colours might be perfect, but Pantone matching means you can choose the precise shade no matter what. Or perhaps it should be a full coverage print? Maybe a photo of an iconic building on campus or a particularly recognisable former student. You will almost always want the logo of the school, but perhaps you need a different design or colour for each department too?

Then you can start to think about the attachments! Is the standard clip right? Maybe our oval crab claw clip would be the best match? Will you need a card holder? Is it important to have a retractable reel so that identity cards can be used to get access to restricted areas? Or maybe you should add a bottle opener? Hydration is very important for learning after all!

Back to School Branded Bags

Back to school promotional products for students - Bags

Students need lots of paperwork on their first day at a new school, or even an old one. Between timetables, schedules, course notes, and hopefully even some projects, there is a lot to carry! Putting it in a bag seems obvious, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will have one with them. Or that they won’t be full already with lunch, laptops, headphones and more. Providing a bag is a simple, cheap way to solve that problem.

The problem of choosing the right bag is still there of course, but our experts can help make that bit as painless as possible! A simple fabric bag with a one colour print might be enough. And a bag like that is sure to have a long life after it’s original use, which can help your brand spread further than you might expect. Or maybe a luxury paper bag would be the right fit? The detailed print and accurate, detailed, full colour print helps make them really memorable. But perhaps the environmental concerns are the most important? In that case, a kraft paper bag would be the ideal fit. Kraft paper is easy to recycle and can be made from recycled materials, helping you to do your bit to reduce plastic pollution.

Power Banks and More!

Back to school promotional products for students - Powerbanks

Every student will have some sort of electronic device with them nowadays, they are an essential part of modern life after all! Running out of battery power is much like running out of ink used to be, very inconvenient and potentially disruptive to any learning that was planned. Our power bank range can help by giving any battery powered devices a needed emergency boost. Just plug them in and off you go! Adding a logo is an obvious next step of course! We have a range of colours and styles available and enough branding options to ensure you can get the right look for your client.

There are even more possibilities in our Exclusive products range and of course, we can help with any ideas you might have that we haven’t thought of yet. Just get in touch with us for a chat about your needs and let us help you create the perfect promotional products for students. Promo products are our speciality after all!

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