Here at Kan we believe that sustainability is about more than just making sure our promotional products are recyclable. We believe it also involves supporting the local communities where our products are manufactured. In India, where the majority of our fabric bags are produced, we are proud to support several local infrastructure schemes and charities.

Supporting The Shraddha Charitable Trust

The Shraddha Charitable Trust is one of the many charities we support in India. They work to support young adults with severe autism and developmental delay, helping to improve their lives and let them take the first steps towards self-sufficiency.

Supporting The Shraddha Charitable Trust

Young adults are trained in skills such as sticking, folding, plastering, beading and moulding. This enables them to contribute to the manufacture of a wide range of artistic and environmentally friendly lifestyle items. The proceeds from product sales are then returned to the students in the form of a monthly remuneration.

The students receive one to one support from special educators and caring volunteers, who explore and develop their skills. Combined with an intensive therapeutic routine this can help to enhance concentration, retention and social interaction. Over time these activities provide routine, increase confidence and give the trainees a sense of accomplishment. All of which gives them a sense of dignity and well being. Whilst also easing the strain on their friends and family.

Leaf-ware by the Shraddha Charitable Trust

Eco-Friendly Products

The Shraddha charitable trust started by producing simple grocery and rubbish bags made from newspapers. The product line has since been refined, developed and expanded to include a selection of eco-friendly products. The range now includes home decor, shopping bags, gift bags and the innovative Soul Serve leaf-ware. These plates and bowls are made from the Saal (teak) leaf, which was previously usually regarded as a waste product. They are microwave safe, sturdy, elegant and of course, biodegradable making them a sustainable alternative to plastic plates.

The work of the Shraddha Trust has promoted a culture of accepting the challenges of the severely autistic and supporting their life journey. Kan are proud to be a small part of their story.