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Are you one of those people who is forever wondering where your keys are? Or perhaps you can never find your phone before you head out to work or the shops? Either way, our Key Finder could be exactly what you need!

It takes no time to get it working. Download the app to your phone, connect to the Key Finder using bluetooth and you are running! Now, when you lose your keys, just fire up the app, hit the find button and listen out for the beep. Or, if you lose your phone, hit the button on the Key Finder and listen out for the alert sound to start playing.

You can even use it to keep track of bags and other valuables. Attach the Key finder and your phone will alert you if your bag gets too far away. Not only that, but GPS can show you where contact was lost too, so you know exactly where to start looking.

With a range of stock colours and branding available in both spot colour and CMYK printing, we can help you create a product that suits your client’s next campaign perfectly. Get all the technical details on the Key Finder product page.

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Jackrabbit – Open
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Chimpanzee 04 – Open
Chimpanzee 04 – Closed
Butterfly Plus – Open
Butterfly Plus – Closed

USB memory sticks are really useful already, but our latest products manage to make it even more handy. Now you don’t have to find a laptop or desktop PC to plug them into. With the addition of a Micro USB connector, you can plug them into a wide range of mobile phones and tablets as well. Future-proof features like this mean that these products will be kept around longer, helping to increase brand awareness.

The Butterfly Plus and Chimpanzee 04 are updated versions of our most popular USBs, while the Jackrabbit is an all new design.

The Butterfly Plus has all the branding options of our regular Butterfly, from spot colour to full colour prints, resin domes and laser engraving.

The Chimpanzee 04 shares the same large branding area as the standard Chimpanzee 02, perfect for full colour, full coverage prints.

The Jackrabbit can be printed with spot colours or CMYK and comes in a range of stock colours.

Which means these flash USB memory sticks are perfect for promoting any corporate identity!

Whether you need to keep a few product info sheets handy or take a full library of photos and videos wherever you go, you can choose exactly the capacity you need. Anywhere from 256mb to 64GB.

Take a look at the technical details on our main site and then contact us for more info or a detailed quote. We update our USB chip price list every week, so that you can be sure of getting the best prices whenever you order our USB memory sticks. Sign up to receive our email price list every week.